How to prepare for CompTIA Linux+ Certifications

How to prepare for CompTIA Linux+ Certifications

April 7, 2023 Off By Lennon

Linux, an open-source Unix-like operating system, is packaged as a Linux distribution that can be used on both a desktop and server. This OS is well-known for its security and has been a benchmark in IT industry hiring.
The popularity of Linux administrator is increasing rapidly due to the growing demand for Linux certification. CompTIA Linux+ certifications, which focus on administrative tasks, are highly in demand.

Preparation Guide for CompTIA Linux+ Certifications
CompTIA Linux+ is one such certification. It covers both administrative and fundamental tasks. It trains qualified professionals how to manage, configure, and troubleshoot Linux systems. Now, the question is how can you become a CompTIA Linux+ certified ITian? This is especially important if you are a novice who wants to be hired by a reputable IT company.
Here are some key ways to start your training and pass the Linux+ exam.
Start with the Baby Steps
First, to be eligible for the Linux+ certification, one must pass the CompTIA Linux+ certification (LX0-103), and CompTIA Linux+ certification (LX0-104). These tests share the same content as LPIC-1 (LPI level 1- Linux Administrator certification). Moreover, a Linux+ certification makes one eligible to apply for and receive LPIC-1 certification. The reverse is not true.
Let’s learn more about these examinations.
CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103 Certification
It is important to understand the exam pattern before you start the study guide. Let’s take a look at the following:
Application for the Exam: No
No. No.
Passing Score: 500 (on an 800-point scale)
Exam Duration: 90 minutes
Types of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (with at least 4-5 options), which include
Multiple Answers/Single Answers
Fill in the blanks
Mostly simple questions
But, you can expect an exhibit to be read and answer any questions.
Exam Objectives for CompTIA Linux+ Exam LX0-103
System Construction

Topic 1: Setting up Hardware Topic 2: Boot Targets, Reform run levelsTopic3: Starting the System Topic4: Rebooting or Closing The System

Installation Linux and Management of Packages

Topic 1: Physical arrangement of hard disk Topic 2: Pack Management of DebianTopic3: Installation of Boot SoftwareTopic 4: YUM/RPM ManagementTopic5: Mutual LibrariesUNIX/GNU Commands

Topic 1: Command line Working Topic 2: Build up, Monitor and Destroy ProcessesTopic 4: Changing Execution PrioritiesTopic 6: Fundamental File Management Topic 7: Expressions Use to Search FilesTopic 8: Basic File EditingFile system Hierarchy Standard, Linux file systems, Devices

Topic 1: Partitions, File Systems Creation Topic 2: Management Of Disk QuotaTopic 4: Permission Management And File OwnershipTopic 5: Controlling the File Management System Topic 6 : Creation and Changes of Symbolic or Hard LinksTopic7: Addressing System Files[divider/]

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CompTIA Linux+ LX0-104 Certification
After passing the Linux+ LX0-103 exam you can now explore the topics and exam patterns for CompTIA Linux+ certification.
Recommendations for Exam: A+ certification, Network+ certificate, and at least 12 years of experience in Linux Administration.
No. No.
Passing Score: 500 (on an 800-point scale)
Duration of the Exam: 90 minutes
Types of Questions: Multiple Choice questions (with 4-5 options).
Exam Objectives for CompTIA Linux+ Exam LX0-104
Data Management, Shells, and Scripting

Topic 1: Manual Access Shell Environment Topic 2 : Data Management with SQLTopic 3 : Manual Script WritingDesktops & Client Interface

Topic 1: Access, Install, and Setting up Topic 2: Display Manager SetupAdministrative Tasks

Topic 1: Control system files of User Accounts and Group Accounts Topic II: Internationalization, LocalizationTopic III: Scheduling jobs for Automatic System Administration tasksImportant Services of System

Topic 1: Logging System Topic 2: System Line MaintenanceTopic3: Basics Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Topic4: Printers and Printing RegulationBasics Of Networking

Topic 1: Internet protocols basics Topic 2: Fundamental network troubleshootingTopic3: Network configuration Topic 4: Configuration Client-Side DNSSystem Security

Topic 1: All Security Administration Tasks Topic2: Encryption of Protected DataTopic3: Installation of Hot Security
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The first half of the problem can be solved by knowing the curriculum. The main question is how can you prepare for CompTIA Linux+ certification.
Before you start digging into the sources, it’s important to determine which method is best for you. Simply put, it is what a person can do.