Month: September 2022

Why is it important to listen to your customer?

Six Sigma Green Belt training requires you to be familiar with many terminologies. Voice of Customer is just one. Let’s look at the DMAIC structure for Six Sigma projects and, more specifically, the DEFINE stage. This is where the project’s scope and purpose are defined. You can’t jump into a project unless you know the…

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Why do they ignore my email?

If you have this question, I can help. You are frustrated Have you been sending emails to your team for a while. Some members of the team are great at responding, while others…well let’s just call them “off-the-charts”. by Mzelle Biscotte via Flickr What if you were addressing a specific topic in your meeting and…

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CompTIA A+ Certification is Required

These tips will help you pass the A+ exam on your first attempt. CertWizard will help you to SCHEDULE your A+ exam, and COMPLETE it online proctored or in a test center. You can easily get your A+ certificate and become certified quickly in one attempt! Not even Shoes required! CertWizard can help pass your…

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