Here are some reasons to make Microsoft MS-100 exam passing your top priority. MS-100 Practice Test: Do Your Best

Here are some reasons to make Microsoft MS-100 exam passing your top priority. MS-100 Practice Test: Do Your Best

February 10, 2023 Off By Lennon

Ever wondered why so many IT professionals want to add a Microsoft certificate to their resume? The Microsoft exam costs $165 for expert-level certifications. This investment will pay off in the long-term, so it is well worth it. There are many study resources that can help you prepare for the exam. This makes your certification journey much easier. This post will discuss Microsoft 365 Identity and Services MS100 exam. It is a test that all IT professionals should take in order to become certified Enterprise Administrator Experts.
Let’s now learn more about the benefits of this exam and its associated certification for your career.
What is the Microsoft MS-100 exam like?
You need to be familiar with all details if you want to take the Microsoft MS-100 test. It is possible that you won’t be able to do the exam the way you want if you don’t do the necessary research.
It is not known how many questions will be asked in the exam. This is why it is important to be prepared for everything. It has been observed that there are usually between 40-60 questions in any Microsoft exam. Although the type of questions may vary, if the syllabus topics are clear, you should be able to answer them easily. It is important to know that the questions will be answered within 120 minutes.
Microsoft MS-100 evaluates certain skills. They are as follows:
Plan Office 365 applications and workloads

Manage and authenticate access to your account

Manage user identities and roles

Microsoft 365 services can be designed and implemented.

Each section makes up a certain percentage of the exam. It is important to cover all of these areas. You will not be able to answer questions on the actual exam if you don’t thoroughly study for any of these subjects.
Benefits of passing the Microsoft MS-100 Exam
The Microsoft MS-100 exam will be the first step towards obtaining the Microsoft Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. Although you will need to prepare for the exam and answer 40-60 questions in a short time (about 150 minutes), there are many benefits that can be obtained.
1. Enhance your skills in managing and implementing Microsoft 365 Services
Microsoft MS-100 exam preparation will help applicants develop high-level skills in managing Microsoft 365 services, identity, and other Microsoft 365 services. This exam covers four pillars, which usually focus on how to use Microsoft 365 features. These knowledge areas are what you will be tested on.
Microsoft 365 services design & implementation

Identity management and user roles

Management of access and authentication

Office 365 applications and workload planning

You will have a competitive advantage over your co-workers if you are proficient in all of the above-described domains. You will be able to strengthen your position within the company and gain the respect of your manager.
2. Higher Salaries and Other Perks for MS-100 Certification
Although the Microsoft MS-100 exam is difficult and will require you to acquire unique skills, if you pass it with good marks, you will be able to join a select group of industry professionals. Your manager will also appreciate your efforts and recognize that you are an important member of the team. This international certification will also be added to your resume and will draw the attention of many hiring mangers. Your chances of getting a better salary, a generous offer, or great perks are much higher. ZipRecruiter reports that the average salary for Microsoft 365 Certified – Enterprise Administrator Expert is $97k annually.
Tips for Microsoft MS-100 Exam Preparation
If you have the right resources and are willing to put in some effort during your preparation phase for the Microsoft MS-100 exam, it won’t be difficult to prepare. Here are some tips for getting a high score on the Microsoft MS-100 exam.

1. Get hands-on experience
The MS-100 exam questions cover a wide range of topics. This may make it difficult to crack the exam. Microsoft 365 services are recommended as the foundation for the MS-100 exam.
You must also have both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in order to pass this exam. As such, the exam requires that you can apply theoretical knowledge to real-world networking and troubleshooting problems. It is not necessary to know that Azure AD Connect can be used to locate Microsoft Azure endpoints. However, you should make sure you are familiar with the basics of Azure AD Connect.