Comparison of Free Online Project Management Software: Freedcamp Vs Trello

Comparison of Free Online Project Management Software: Freedcamp Vs Trello

September 23, 2022 Off By Lennon

There are many options for free online project management software. These 20 undiscovered systems are just a few of the best free PM software. There are plenty of options.
Trends are however common. No matter which project management software you use, there are three products that tend to be on the top of the list: Wrike and Freedcamp.

Although these three approaches to project management are quite different, they share some commonalities.
This post will cover the following topics:

Wrike is the fourth-most popular project management software. It has been the recipient of many software awards including Deloitte’s Fast 500 in 2015. This system is used by leading companies such as Hootsuite and PayPal to manage their projects.
Wrike’s layout looks very simple. Wrike’s layout is simple for free users. The three-column view is available to all users. On the left side, you will find Wrike’s menus. These include your inbox and current projects. You can see details, deadlines, and tasks as soon as you enter a project.
Project managers can communicate with their teams, upload files, and mark the task as complete from this portal.
Wrike will also tease users who have not upgraded — in the task detail panel you’ll see that dependencies and time tracking are not available unless they upgrade. Reports, customized dashboards and integrations that are not available in Google Drive, Dropbox or Box, Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive are not possible.
Wrike allows users to choose to receive a daily or weekly summary of all the items scheduled for the day. Although some may find these emails cumbersome at times, I have found that Wrike does an excellent job of filtering out the important from the less important.
They also offer apps for iOS and Android.

Freedcamp, a great Basecamp alternative, relies heavily upon its inspiration’s user interface.
The free version is robust. As I mentioned in my top-rated free project management software review:
Unlimited users. Unlimited projects. Glorious design.Optimized communication. 200MB of storage-upgrade for $2.49 per month. Freedcamp has earned its #1 spot on this page.
Boards are used to organize projects. Click on a board to open Freedcamp’s dashboard. It will be divided into three sections: files, tasks, and calendar. You can organize tasks by user, due date and priority. Team members can also mark how far they are with each task.
Although 200MB is not a lot, the Freedcamp version allows you to easily sort and filter through files that have been uploaded. They provide version control and commentary for uploaded files.
The calendar view provides a visual reminder of when things are due, and who is responsible for what.
You can also use a variety of free integrations. Project managers can incorporate milestones into their work, for example. Freedcamp doesn’t charge extra for timekeeping.
They don’t currently offer a mobile version. However, it appears that they are working on an iOS release.

Trello is a great option for stickynotes lovers. It is a kanban-based system that allows you to specify sections and categories. Capterra uses Trello to plan our content-creation processes.
Trello’s great feature is that almost all companies can use the free version without losing any project management functionality. Most of the add-ons, such as Salesforce integration or the ability export your team’s history, are optional and not necessary to make Trello work for large corporations.
Each card represents a task and is the power of Trello. Users can attach attachments from Box, Drive OneDrive, Dropbox or your computer, add labels and update due dates.